The Strengthening Participatory Oversight Mechanisms (SPOM) Project team visited Khentii aimag on May 8-10, 2017 as part of a sub-project to strengthen social responsibility in the health sector.

During implementation, we have conducted capacity building trainings for members of the Citizens’ Scorecard, Strengthening Participatory Oversight Mechanisms Team, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, held consultations with project stakeholders, introduced the project to members of the Aimag’s Civil Society Network, and participated in Khentii TV program.

  • Capacity building training for Citizens’ Score cards and Strengthening Participatory oversight Mechanisms Team members: The training provided team members with training on how to monitor FHC tripartite agreements in accordance with the criteria, develop and test FHC customer satisfaction questionnaires, and create social maps. We also practiced to get acquainted with the activities of FHCs. The Strengthening Participatory oversight Mechanisms team consists of 8 members and the Citizens’ Scorecards team consists of 15 members.
  • Memorandum of Understanding: Aimag’s Citizens’ Representatives’ Khural, Health Department, Family Health Centers and Civil Society Organizations’ network cooperation was defined within the project and confirmed by the Memorandum of Understanding. As a result, the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders have become clearer and the foundation has been laid for strengthening cooperation.