Rural herders often fail to receive local news and information in a timely manner, or receive inaccurate information orally. Here is an best practice that has solved this problem creatively. This best practice is about the Governor of Gurvanbulag soum, Bulgan aimag (province), B. Delger and her colleagues experience and hard work.

They have initiated a “package of information” which is a information prepared in a simple, concise, and clear way that anyone could read and understand, and delivered it to the local community. Delger delivers news and information to each of the six bags in Gurvanbulag soum, Bulgan aimag, using two information packages. The information package includes an information folder to be delivered to the locals, a feedback book to receive their suggestions and complaints.

B. Delger participated in the Women’s Leadership for Local Development training implemented by MONFEMNET National Network in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program and the Secretariat of the State Great Khural within the framework of “Strengthening Representative Bodies in Mongolia” project, “information package” is one of the many activities that have been initiated and implemented by her.

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