MONFEMNET National Network is implementing a “Social Accountability Strengthening Sub-Project” in Khentii aimag as part of the Social Accountability Strengthening Project in Mongolia. Within the context, the aim is to “establish and test a model for a participatory monitoring mechanism for tripartite contracting for primary health care performance”.

The members of the sub-project capacity building team were included in the “Participatory Monitoring Team” approved by the Social Policy Committee under the Aimag Citizens ‘Representatives’ Khural with 9 members.

The project will cover “Kherlen Dom” FHC center and “Oyuny Shim” FHC in Kherlen soum. The Family Health Care center (FHC) is a three-party performance agreement with the Aimag Governor and the Head of the Health Department that provides primary health care to the affected population.

For example, citizens and the public do not have any information on how FHC contracts are concluded, evaluated, and held accountable. Therefore, the implementation of this project will have the advantage of establishing a participatory monitoring mechanism in the performance agreement by creating a culture and partnership where all parties are actively involved in improving FHC primary health care.

In addition, the capacity of local communities and civil society organizations will increase public participation in evaluating the progress and results of the tripartite FHC performance agreement, increase FHC transparency and accountability, and establish creative cooperation, mutual understanding and partnership.

2017.09.19, Хэнтий аймаг