The MONFEMNET National Network aims to contribute to the development of a humane society in which men, women, girls and boys, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, origin or other circumstances, feel valued and have the opportunity to live as human beings.

For us, the inclusion of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in health education curricula is a step towards this goal, and we see the provision of comprehensive sexuality education to adolescents and young people as a science-based strategy tailored to the realities and needs of certain groups. Access to accurate and clear information on sexual and reproductive rights, learn critical thinking, decision-making, empathy, self-esteem and respecting others etc attitudes, is an opportunity to cultivate values,  also CSE’s main goal is to empower young people to achieve better physical, social, and mental well-being.

Therefore, CSE’s should not be built on a fear-based model. Rather, it needs to be practical and based on the realities of young people’s lives.

Therefore, we aim to introduce and integrate a gender-sensitive methodology for developing a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum and content based on human rights, including experts from the working group established by the Minister of Health to develop the content, curriculum and manuals of health education, and organized a seminar on “Comprehensive Sexual Education Based on Human Rights” on November 17-19, 2017.

By participating in this workshop, the working group learned about the human rights-based approach and the seven components that are considered essential to the CSE program, consolidated their understanding, and identified areas for future cooperation.

We initiated this initiative with the financial support of the Asia-Pacific Women’s Knowledge and Training Center (ARROW) and the German Cooperation (GIZ).