We take big and small steps to change our attitudes, behaviors, and self-development. And want to change not only themselves but also others. Some of those steps and attempts are successful, some of them aren’t.

So where do we make mistakes when it comes to changes

Making a change can be a time-consuming and difficult process, but it is possible to make a difference. What matters is whether those around you help or hinder your change.

Within the framework of the above content, the director and teachers of 7, 115, 52, 51, 28, 34, 41 secondary schools of Ulaanbaatar, Tolt high school, New Mongolian Institute of Technology participated in the “New age education, learning in 21st century skills “, a series of trainings, we integrated our understanding and knowledge in an interesting and innovative way based on the theory of change. This training was organized once a fortnight by MONFEMNET National Network in cooperation with the Teacher Training Institute and was held as a part of the “Teacher Development Support Training”. On February 25, 2019, the second training was successfully organized.