MONFEMNET National Network organized a discussion on “Civil Society’s Legal Environment” on March 30, 2021 within its member organization.

In 2020, a number of NGOs joined forces to form a “Civil Society Consortium” to conduct research and analysis of civil society organizations and to express their views on the concept of the NGO Law.

In this context, the concepts of the Law on Public Utilities, the Law on the Federation and the Law on Finance submitted by the Government to the State Great Khural (parliament) were discussed. The results of the survey “Current state of civil space” conducted by the Civil Society Consortium involving more than 600 NGOs were presented.

We would like to express our gratitude to Open Society Forum’s Legal Program manager P. Badamragchaa, “Current state of civil space” research team member, researcher S. Batsugar for accepting our invitation and sharing information & knowledge for the discussion.

The draft laws we have discussed are important laws which directly linked to the space and day-to-day activities of civil society and NGOs, it is important that civil society organizations become familiar with the concept of these draft laws and consolidate their positions.