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All Members’ Forum

The highest decision-making body of the Network shall be the All Members’ Conference. The All Members’ Conference shall convene every 3 years.


Between the All Members’ Conferences, a Governing Board elected for a 3-year term by the All Members’ Conference shall govern the Network based on the principle of collective leadership.

S. Dondov

The head of “Human Rights Center for Aiding Citizens” NGO

N. Binderya

Coordinator of “DemoCrazy Youth Center” NGO

M. Tsaschiher

Head of “Men-Healthy Family Center” NGO

Ts. Bujidmaa

Head of “Liberal Women’s Brain Pool” NGO

S. Ainagul

The head of “Human Rights Center for Aiding Citizens” NGO

V. Udval

Chairman of the Board of the “Women Leaders Foundation” NGO

B. Oyundari

Coordinator of “Beautiful hearts” NGO

N. Bayarsaikhan

Head of the “Steps Without Borders” NGO

Kh. Nomingerel

Chairman of the Board of the “ Women for Change” NGO

Oversight Committee

The function of the Oversight Committee is to monitor the compliance of the Network’s decisions with the bylaw.

J. Chantsaldulam

“Our Participation Advocacy” NGO

N. Arvintaria

CEO of the “National Center against Violence” NGO

E. Erdenetsetseg

“Princess” Center for Protecting Girls’ and Young Women’s Rights” NGO

The Coordinating Office

D. Enkhjargal

National Coordinator

T. Undarya


D. Urjinkhand

Information and communication officer

D. Doljinsuren

Program manager

T. Narantsetseg

Financial and administrative officer