The MONFEMNET National Network disseminated the SASA methodology nationwide and trained SASA activists in 11 aimags and 3 districts in the context of SASA to mobilize the community to prevent violence against girls and women!

Based on this, with the partnership of Youth development centers, we have organized seminar on November 6, 2017 in Ulaanbaatar and on November 13, 2017 in Khovd aimag to identify opportunities and ways to establish a network of SASA activists.

In these seminars local Youth Development Center coordinators and social workers participated. At the end of the seminar, a detailed action plan for the prevention of violence against girls and women in each locality was developed at the local and integrated levels.

If you want to contribute to the end and prevent violence against girls and women, please contact your local Youth Development Center, Contact a network of SASA! activists.

Everyone’s participation is important to end and prevent violence against girls and women!