Priority Areas

Policy and institutional reform

Influence public policy on human rights, gender equality, real democracy and social justice.

  • Through Women’s Eyes
  • Enhancing Women’s Political Participation and Leadership – Women’s Leadership in Local Government
  • Advocacy on population policy and national mechanisms for gender equality

Cultural reform

Disseminate a culture that values human rights, gender equality, real democracy, and social justice, and change social attitudes.

  • Building a Violence-Free Society SASA! Methodology
  • Gender justice and masculinity / male gender
  • Comprehensive sexual and reproductive rights, health and sexuality education

Start movements

Develop a movement with the potential to influence policy, institutional and cultural reform

“School will change society!” Safe school methodology

“Young Women’s Voices” Forum

Promoting civil society development

Develop and expand the membership

Organizational strengthening

Building staff, board and members’ capacity; strengthening internal governance and financial systems; improving the quality, diversity and sustainability of funding (this latter goal is the hardest given the unfavorable external conditions) Becoming a network with strong mobility.

Capacity building of regulatory staff

Strengthen the financial system

Strengthen network governance

Sustain the funding