MONFEMNET National Network’s Coordinating Office participated in the DemoCrazy’s Carnival, a celebration of young people who loves smart democracy, on September 10, 2017.

As part of this year’s theme for the Carnival, this year is the fifth year, we have exhibited our Masculinity digital (eworks) works and play socially challenged characters? or be yourself? gave opportunity to those who is present to reflect on the question.

Differences are an advantage, and we aim to send a message to the public that we want to recognize the existence of others and respect their dignity as human beings.

As they shared their values, they became one of the characters and participated in the festivities.

This Carnival is a celebration of everyone, and at other times, we invite people with the same values ​​and ideas to come and participate in our activities and create a history of positive social change together.

For more information about the carnival, please enter the link below.

DemoCrazy Carnaval

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