The MONFEMNET National Network held a policy discussion on “Domestic Violence Resolution: Problems and Solutions” with the support of the Хүчирхийллийн Эсрэг Үндэсний Төв ТББ / National Center Against Violence NGO, United States Agency for International Development USAID Mongolia and the International Republican Institute IRI in Mongolia – БНОУХ within the framework of IRI’s “Strengthening Women and Youth Engagement in the Electoral and Political Processes in Mongolia” program.

This discussion was organized in connection with the discussion of the revised version of the Law on Violations at the spring session of the Parliament in 2021. Member of Parliament, Leader of the Women’s Caucus in Parliament D. Sarangerel, Member of Parliament & Leader of the Lobby Group Against Violence in Parliament B. Bayarsaikhan, Member of Parliament Ch. Undram and B. Jargalmaa and representatives of relevant government and NGOs and researchers participated.

The discussion focused on the implementation of the Law on Violations and the challenges facing the mechanism of accountability for perpetrators of domestic violence. There is almost no opportunity to protect victims in cases of domestic violence. Witnesses and victims have the opportunity to be protected only if a criminal offense has been committed.

It was also suggested that there is a conflict between the laws that define domestic violence as a crime and a violation, and that legal reform is needed to make it more coherent.

Following the discussion, a working group was set up to draft a proposal for a revised version of the Law on Violations, which was submitted to the Working Group on Violations under the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs and the Anti-Violence Lobby Group in the State Great Khural.